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Sea to shining sea, Josef Hoflehner

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23 Mar 14 at 7 pm

Jupiter, I did a song. 

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Moonrise over Esja, a winter afternoon in Reykjavík. December 2010.

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Moonrise over Esja, a winter afternoon in Reykjavík. December 2010.
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Photographs by Thom Sheridan

In 1986, the United Way attempted to break the world record for balloon launches, by releasing 1.5 million balloons, which resulted in two deaths, millions in lawsuits, and a devastating environmental impact.

I gotta know how these people died

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Abandoned Train Tunnel by AnthonyGinmanPhotography on Flickr.
23 Mar 14 at 6 pm

Thank fucking god. I’m not one to conform to society anyway, but this ‘craze’ seriously made me sick to the stomach. Yes, its brilliant the money has been raised, but if being nominated on Facebook and then posting a #nomakeupselfie is what gives you the motivation to give to charity really says a lot about you as a person. Either do something sodding proactive for charity, or just donate anyway. This has been doing my head in for days. 

No makeup selfie: It's hard to argue with £1 million raised for cancer research - but to say that these snaps are courageous is simply nonsense